Healthy chocolate?! That's right


Chocolate that nourishes? We'll take it! That's the idea behind Gnosis raw chocolate, made with ethically sourced raw cacao, low-glycemic sweeteners, nutrient-dense superfoods, and medicinal herbs. And let's remember what these products do NOT contain: no refined sugar, dairy, soy, gluten, cholesterol, or GMOs. It's all good stuff in the bars, and surrounding their production, too. Gnosis works directly with its producers, uses recycled, biodegradable packaging printed with veggie inks, and gives 10 percent of its profits to the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. This sustainable cycle comes from Gnosis founder, Vanessa Barg, a certified holistic health counselor who started making her clients chocolate to replace unhealthy sweets and discovered a brilliant new business. Thank you, Vanessa, for taking the guilt out of our cravings!


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