Giving thanks for artists and makers

A Shinola retail store opened recently in Tribeca, and it's a beautiful store selling covetable handcrafted watches, bicycles, leather goods, and journals. As a physical manifestation of the brand, the store well portrays the real beauty of Shinola's purpose: to reinvigorate American manufacturing, invest in craft and skill and, in the company's words, "reclaim the making of things that are made well." In that homegrown spirit, Shinola launched a campaign for Makers Monday, asking us to buy an American-made product on December 2. These short video clips about Shinola makers should get you inspired. And for more incentive: Shinola reports that if every American of voting age spends just $10 on Makers Monday, we'll generate $2.4 billion for American-made products and the people who make them. Pretty impressive, right? Let's support America's craftsmen and women and mark our calendars for next Monday! Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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