Salt, chocolate and bitters...


If you are looking for a unique gift, you must visit the The Meadow, a beautiful boutique tucked away in Manhattan's West Village. They offer a floor to ceiling selection of artisanal finishing salts, pink Himalayan salt blocks, craft chocolate bars and cocktail bitters.  Everyone who works there is incredibly knowledgeable (and patient too)!

I picked out three different sea salts; a Japanese seaweed salt, Amabito no Moshio, savory and delicate, said to be perfect for salmon, veggies or eggs, Sel Gris de Guerande, a hearty, mineral rich salt, great for meats, pastas, and cheeses, and lastly their infused Lemon Flake salt which I can’t wait to try on avocado salads, sautéed kale and even pistachio ice cream at their suggestion!

The wall of chocolate is a designer's delight.  The packaging is as beautiful as the chocolate is tasty.  I left with the photographed bars above.  They also have a table of flowers in the middle of the store and can whip up a bouquet to go with your gift.  Love this place!


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