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After trying a Hu Kitchen Salty Chocolate bar from Lifethyme Market (my favorite grocery store in the city), I decided to go online and check out what else Hu has to offer.  Since we aim to promote going back to the basics at Petite Alma, I'm always excited to discover other companies that are doing the same, and Hu Kitchen is a great example of just that.  Below are the Hu Pillars that they live by:  

Eat food that is found in nature, not processed in a lab.  "If you don’t recognize an ingredient, there’s a good chance your body won’t either."
Eat foods with wholesome ingredients.  Quality ingredients are more important than calorie counting.  
Let veggies take center stage.  Have vegetables as your main dish and animal protein as a side.  
Eat whole grains such as rice and quinoa instead of bread, bagels and pasta.  And, if you can be gluten free, even better.
Eat healthy fats such as olive and coconut oil, nuts and avocados.
When eating animal protein, make sure the animals were eating what they were meant to eat (no GMO food pellets or antibiotics).
Sweeten wisely.  Hu only sweetens with coconut sugar, unfiltered honey and maple syrup.  They do not use corn syrup, cane sugar or artificial sweeteners.
Eat clean and avoid toxins by saying no to genetically modified ingredients (GMO).  Hu is non-GMO.

Turns out their cafe is just 5 minutes from my apartment and has fresh green juices, shakes, meals to go, snacks, sweets, coffee, you name it.  You can dine in,  take out or order in.  I will be frequenting Hu Kitchen in 2014!


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