Sweet Spot

We are generally pretty healthy eaters but that doesn't mean we don't have a sweet tooth. Birthdays are celebrated with City Bakery cookies (classic chocolate chip) and chilly days are best with a soy cortado and biscotto from Toby's. But on days when we feel a bit more wholesome, we love Sweet. by jana

Jana Keith-Jenning, the former Executive Pastry chef at Pure Food and Wine, started the company during a quest to marry her passion for pastries and health. Everything from Sweet. by jana is vegan, gluten free, raw, and unrefined. Her dreamy concoctions-- chocolate cream sandwich cookies, coconut macaroons, mallomars, and salted chocolate coconut squares, to name a few -- taste as good as they look and leave us feeling nourished, not sugar bombed. We buy them from a natural shop in the neighborhood but they ship as well. Delicious!




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