Staycation week - Noguchi Museum

Many of the gals in our studio have April birthdays, so a celebratory lunch was clearly in order. We met up a the Queens Kickshaw on the recommendation of Alice Gao and her brilliant blog. The space was long and cozy, with simple food (specializing in unique grilled cheese combos) and a relaxed atmosphere . 

After lunch, we took a brief stroll in the sun to the museum of Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi. Famous for his Akari Light Sculptures and collaborations with furniture company Henry Miller, Noguchi was a high modernist with a broad body of work.

The collection featured many of his stone pieces: organic forms with contrasting smooth and rough textures or alternating segments colored rock fit seamlessly together. Some had hand hewn bases topped with geometrically carved stones. Fluid and lyrical, Noguchi's work adorned sets for Martha Graham's dance company and the homes of many design enthusiasts. Our own designer hearts were fluttering! 

The museum, which Noguchi constructed in the mid 1980s, is a serene and contemplative space. The combination of indoor and outdoor areas, including a small garden, made it the perfect spot to get inspired on a warm spring day! 


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